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Supply Chain Management Best Business Practices

Supply Chain Management Best Business Practices

As a part of FM Business Daily’s ongoing subject matter expert content, ShelfAware CEO and Founder Andrew Johnson provides supply chain management best practices and practical business strategy every month for facility managers and other industrial professionals. ShelfAware’s vision for the future of business-to-business supply chains is to provide an ecosystem where the market’s largest […]

RFID’s Impact on Industrial Supply Chain Management

RFID inventory management

The evolution of RFID technology is leading to complete autonomy in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of RFID and other types of innovative automation reduces human interaction in the supply chain while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the accuracy of inventory management. RFID technology provides accuracy and speed in supply chains across an […]

Use Smart Technology to Manage Complex Supply Chains

RFID Smart technology for supply chain management

Smart technology, like handheld scanners, can revolutionize inventory management and supply. This type of intelligent compact tool allows users to seek and find misplaced inventory in large factory settings. Original equipment manufacturers can perform regular inventory audits that will ensure system accuracy and give them confidence to never again have to perform physical inventory audits […]