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How Does Vendor Managed
Inventory Help?

ShelfAware offers a digital VMI system that helps industrial suppliers and their customers eliminate inefficiencies, identify trends, and expand their networks by leveraging the power of new technology and data analytics. ShelfAware: as simple as pick, swipe, go.

Our Vision of
Automated Manufacturing
Inventory Management

Independent industrial suppliers and their manufacturing customers deserve a VMI system that helps them achieve more together.
ShelfAware gives real-time visibility on both sides of the supply chain. Suppliers can eliminate inefficiencies, while their customers can be sure they have the supplies they need when they need them.
These insights help suppliers grow because when they’re working hand in hand with their customers, they can broaden their networks and compete with the biggest players in the industry by leveraging ShelfAware’s Cloud Sourcing™ ecosystem.

Vision of Automated Manufacturing Inventory Management


What Is CloudSourcing™

CloudSourcing™ empowers collaboration among multiple independent and specialized product vertical suppliers. It does so by empowering all suppliers to work together with a single consumer on ShelfAware, a unified supply chain platform.

Why CloudSourcing™ Matters

Collaboration helps suppliers identify new opportunities and helps the consumer source supplies at maximum efficiency.

By working together on an automated omni-channel, independent industrial suppliers can collaborate to supply large, complex consumers without sacrificing product level expertise.

Simply put, the cloud-sourced ShelfAware platform serves many specialized suppliers acting as one—and transforms them into more than the sum of their parts.

Cloud Sourcing
Installation ShelfAware

Automate Vendor Managed Inventories with RFID Labels

No more stock-outs. No more overstocking.

ShelfAware relies on our software, RFID Smart Labels, and an RFID checkout station at the consumer’s facility.

Our user interface can track the consumption of thousands of inventory packages in seconds. The ShelfAware web-based application leverages inventory consumption data to automate replenishment, ensure lean inventory quantities, and guarantee the elimination of stock-outs.

ShelfAware also revolutionizes mandatory physical inventory audits. Using a standard Zebra RFID handheld scanner and a user downloaded mobile app, users can perform on-hand inventory audits in minutes across thousands of their SKUs – forget week-long shut downs!

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The Future
of Digital VMI

Take the Guesswork Out of Your VMI

While the future of the industrial landscape has never been more uncertain, you can be sure that the price and availability of labor will continue to pose challenges. Independent suppliers are therefore left with no choice but to find new ways of making the most of their existing labor.
That’s why the future of inventory management is ShelfAware’s automated, remote, RFID-powered VMI. Our platform effectively automates B2B supply chains to help your team achieve more with less time and effort.