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What Is Vendor Managed Inventory?

ShelfAware uses RFID smart labels and our mobile-ready, web-based software to make an automated manufacturing inventory management system that is. as simple as pick, swipe, go.

Equip & Inspire

Moving to a new VMI can be challenging, so we first sit down with your team to learn your unique circumstances—and to discover how ShelfAware can help you achieve your goals. Once a custom plan is in place, we will set up our software and deploy the hardware, and train your team.

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Set up the supply chain for each item in the web-based application and then establish the right replenishment metrics to maintain your target shelf quantity. We then install at your customer’s facility our 2’ x 2’ checkout station, which needs nothing more than power and an ethernet connection to get started.

Installation ShelfAware

Smart Label Products

ShelfAware equips suppliers to apply RFID smart packaging labels at the time of shipping. These smart packaging labels effectively turn any customer’s onsite inventory storage into a virtual vending machine that seamlessly tracks inventory consumption.

Smart Label Products1


Our software notifies you when one of your products is running low at a site, so you can replenish your supply before shortages occur. Typically, ShelfAware generates weekly replenishment orders for suppliers that can be imported directly into their ERP systems with no software integration required.


Leverage Data

Our software’s analytics provides you with key insights into your business that will help you identify trends, opportunities, and inefficiencies within your supply chains. ShelfAware also revolutionizes mandatory physical inventory audits: with a standard Zebra RFID handheld scanner and a user downloaded mobile app, users can perform on-hand inventory audits in minutes across thousands of SKUs.

Leverage Data1