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RFID’s Impact on Industrial Supply Chain Management

RFID inventory management

The evolution of RFID technology is leading to complete autonomy in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of RFID and other types of innovative automation reduces human interaction in the supply chain while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the accuracy of inventory management.

RFID technology provides accuracy and speed in supply chains across an increasing number of diverse industries. Walmart, for example, has experimented with RFID tags to help its hundreds of stores meet high customer demand and keep shelves stocked with popular items.

Because of RFID technology’s capability of reading labeled products within a 15-foot radius within seconds, the information is sent to a database through the Internet of Things, providing real-time inventory reports.

The success of this technology is not limited to retail. Manufacturing companies are adopting the power of RFID to manage complex supply chains with multiple suppliers. The results include improving product life cycle management, quality control, curation of accurate and granular data (leading to lean inventory stocking decisions), and minimizing the likelihood of stock-outs.

How RFID Technology Works with a Digital VMI Platform

RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to thousands of assets. The tags transmit digital data back to the reader. Effectively automating B2B supply chains with RFID technology saves time and labor for both the consumer and the supplier.

Managing assets, controlling manufacturing processes, tracking goods through distribution, and even managing the maintenance and inspection of equipment are just a few of the benefits of the diverse RFID technology. In a robust digital vendor managed inventory (VMI) platform, RFID tags are attached to the inventory items being tracked. Each label contains a unique identifier, and RFID readers use radio waves to communicate with the tags. The collected data is tracked and managed through a software application.

For example, the ShelfAware platform uses RFID Smart Labels as a data collector. The labels are printed on standard Zebra label printers and applied by suppliers at the time of shipping. On behalf of the supplier at the consumer facility, an RFID checkout station is deployed. This magical user interface ensures broad user adoption by tracking the consumption of thousands of inventory packages in seconds.

A web-based application leverages the inventory consumption data to automate replenishment, ensure lean inventory quantities, and guarantee no stock-outs.

How Automation and RFID Improve Inventory Management

Saving time and money are critical to the sustainability of any business. Technology continues to change the ways businesses are profitable and efficient, and RFID can play an important role.

The open-platform solution ShelfAware is a great example of how RFID technology can accomplish both cost and time savings. It was built by practitioners, not a tech company. Therefore, it provides a practical approach to supply chain innovation. ShelfAware leverages existing RFID Smart Label technology, focused on an easy-to-maintain, web-based software application.

Data collection is not over-complicated. It is simple and practical—ensuring an almost instant and easy-to-calculate return on investment.

Implement RFID to Manage Your Supply Chain Today

Digitizing inventory doesn’t have to be an expensive or overwhelming task. In fact, with a platform like ShelfAware, suppliers and consumers can reduce their carbon footprint, make more money with less worries, and eliminate stock-outs with an easy-to-manage, cloud-based digital vender management inventory system.

Try a digital VMI platform like ShelfAware for a sustainable solution to supply chain management.

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