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Our Story

ShelfAware is the VMI supply chain automation system created by people working in industrial distribution who got tired of all the guessing our company had to do.
We knew there had to be a better way, so we built the solution we wished had been available to us. ShelfAware is a cloud-based, data-driven, supply chain management system that tells you exactly what your customers are consuming so you can anticipate future needs.

Digital VMI Supply Chain Automation that Helps Suppliers and Customers

Running our own industrial distribution company, we learned the hard way that the best VMI system is one that helps suppliers run leaner, more efficient supply chains and collaborate with their customers to prevent stock-outs.
With RFID tags on product packaging, suppliers can eliminate shortages and bottlenecks. And to help with the navigation of complex industrial supply chains, ShelfAware’s Cloud Sourcing™ model makes it easy to expand to new product verticals by adding additional suppliers for further collaboration.

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Meet the

Andrew Johnson - CEO of ShelfAware

Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson is an entrepreneur, inventor, and business owner. Formerly the sales manager at a family-run distribution company, he is now redefining industrial supply chains by leveraging RFID technology and the power of data. He is lucky to work with his three talented and passionate brothers. 

Jonathan Hansen - CFO of ShelfAware

Jonathan Hansen


Jonathan Hansen, a tenured IT professional, began his career at Ford Motor Company on the truck production line, where he developed custom hardware and backend software systems. Now CTO of ShelfAware, he is using his unique array of skills to help industrial suppliers leverage the power of customized and automated supply chains.

VMI Software Designed
for Industrial Suppliers

Tracking packages is the most efficient and flexible inventory management solution. RFID labels transform existing storage spaces into virtual vending machines, so manufacturers can scale up (pallet level tracking) or down (single piece flow) as needed.   RFID smart labels also make it easier to audit your on-hand inventory. Using only a handheld scanner and the ShelfAware mobile app, you can audit thousands of items in just minutes.

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