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Groundbreaking RFID Supply Chain Solution

Groundbreaking RFID Supply Chain Solution

Featured in the May 2023 issue of Efficient Plant magazine, Andrew Johnson, CEO and co-founder of ShelfAware, describes how RFID, cloud-based, data-driven technology can solve supply chain challenges for manufacturers.

There is a growing online community built around the idea of Cloud SourcingTM. This collaborative approach to B2B supply-chain management offers a true omnichannel platform that accommodates physical (logistics, storage, tracking consumption, organizing) and digital (analytics, forecasts, replenishment metrics) aspects of complex supply chains.

Plant managers can put any suppliers in the system to create an open platform, which provides one-touch integration across all channels to provide a superior customer-service experience. Adoption of tech systems usually means plant managers must make big changes, but that is not the case with this technology.

It shifts the competitive advantage back to independent suppliers. Through collaboration, they can thrive again in the marketplace. It’s a simple solution to automate physical inventory supply chains that also provides an established foundation for a new approach to eCommerce. The system digitizes physical inventory consumption and uses that data to automate every aspect of the supply chain, regardless of complexity.

Follow this link to read the full story. Andrew Johnson provides expert insight about how RFID technology and cloud-based, data-driven software instills reliability in internal and external inventory management.

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