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Reimagine Supply Chain Challenges in 2024 – Best Business Practices

best business practices for supply chain challenges

In his most recent contribution to FM Business Daily, Andrew Johnson, CEO and Founder of ShelfAware, discusses some of the key manufacturing trends as we enter 2024 and offers practical business advice about how supply chain disruptors may affect those trends. We often talk about manufacturing trends and how they affect supply chains in the […]

Technology and Innovation Drive Workforce Talent

Technology and innovation drive next generation workforce

Industrial workforce issues must be addressed head on and right now. Here are three simple solutions that focus on technology and innovation to not only attract the next generation of industrial manufacturing talent, but also to retain it. Bridging the skills gap while attracting and retaining young talent is not a new conversation. However, it’s […]

Moneyball ROI Strategy – An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Innovation

Incremental supply chain innovation inspired by Moneyball

When it comes to innovation, we can learn a lot from the book and movie Moneyball. Making small incremental innovations is very similar to the baseball concept of getting runners on base rather than always swinging for the fences. When thinking about innovation, I like to use a great movie called Moneyball as an example […]

How to Automate Inventory Audits – Best Business Practices

Andrew Johnson - supply chain expert discusses automating inventory audits

As a part of FM Business Daily’s ongoing subject matter expert content, ShelfAware CEO and Founder Andrew Johnson provides supply chain management best business practices every month for facility managers and other industrial professionals. There are many reasons that facility managers perform regular inventory audits. The most obvious is to ensure an accurate count of […]

Top 5 Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

From geopolitical conflicts to single sourcing to labor shortages, every organization is vulnerable to supply chain disruptors. However, understanding the leading disruptors can protect manufacturers from supply chain threats and help to keep operations working like they should. Every organization should take a proactive approach to supply chain disruption and have strategies in place to […]

Top 10 Supply Chain Management Tips for 2024

Supply Chain Top 10 Tips

Mitigating risks and overcoming challenges in complex supply chains is on the minds of most manufacturers and suppliers, especially as we prepare for a new year of business. Companies are making plans to enter 2024 with a strategy to keep their inventory shelves lean, while also minimizing the possibility of stockouts. Effectively managing complex manufacturing […]

Supply Chain Management Best Business Practices

Supply Chain Management Best Business Practices

As a part of FM Business Daily’s ongoing subject matter expert content, ShelfAware CEO and Founder Andrew Johnson provides supply chain management best practices and practical business strategy every month for facility managers and other industrial professionals. ShelfAware’s vision for the future of business-to-business supply chains is to provide an ecosystem where the market’s largest […]

RFID’s Impact on Industrial Supply Chain Management

RFID inventory management

The evolution of RFID technology is leading to complete autonomy in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of RFID and other types of innovative automation reduces human interaction in the supply chain while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the accuracy of inventory management. RFID technology provides accuracy and speed in supply chains across an […]

Use Smart Technology to Manage Complex Supply Chains

RFID Smart technology for supply chain management

Smart technology, like handheld scanners, can revolutionize inventory management and supply. This type of intelligent compact tool allows users to seek and find misplaced inventory in large factory settings. Original equipment manufacturers can perform regular inventory audits that will ensure system accuracy and give them confidence to never again have to perform physical inventory audits […]

How Manufacturing Supply Chain Digitization Reduces Carbon Footprint

reduce carbon footprint manufacturing

Manufacturers are focusing on sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions while also improving the management of their complex supply chains. For many reasons, a digital vendor managed inventory (VMI) platform provides a system that accomplishes supply chain challenges while minimizing the carbon footprint. Companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, especially in heavy industry. […]