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Key Advantages of ShelfAware’s Supply Chain Solution—More FAQs

disadvantages of physical vending machines

The ShelfAware supply chain solution utilizes a magical user interface that tracks the consumption of thousands of inventory packages in seconds. That data is leveraged by the ShelfAware web-based application to automate replenishment, ensure lean inventory quantities, and guarantee no stockouts. Learn more from the answers to a few frequently asked questions. ShelfAware saves time […]

COVID-Compliant Digital Vendor Managed Inventory

Hands-free checkout station

With renewed concerns about mask mandates and social distancing requirements thanks to a fresh resurgence of COVID-19, industrial suppliers and consumers who want to keep their supply chain operating smoothly can be prepared for whatever happens next with ShelfAware—the industry’s only COVID-compliant vendor managed inventory (VMI) platform. Gone are the days of suppliers coming and […]

How Small Innovations Lead to Big Disruption

Through the use of collaborative innovations like ShelfAware’s CloudSourcingTM, small businesses are quickly becoming the new “Big Business” in industrial manufacturing. CloudSourcing empowers collaboration among multiple independent and specialized product vertical suppliers. It empowers all suppliers to work together with a single consumer on ShelfAware’s unified supply chain platform. Learn about how ShelfAware changed the […]

3 Advantages of an RFID Magical User Interface for Supply Chain Management

Radiofrequency technology - Advantages of an RFID Magical User Interface for Supply Chain Management

By simply picking your inventory components, swiping the powerful RFID smart label at the checkout station, and going back to work, you will automatically record useful inventory consumption data in real time. It’s that simple to manage complex supply chains using a magical user interface. Along with simplicity, there are some other advantages to using […]