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COVID-Compliant Digital Vendor Managed Inventory

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With renewed concerns about mask mandates and social distancing requirements thanks to a fresh resurgence of COVID-19, industrial suppliers and consumers who want to keep their supply chain operating smoothly can be prepared for whatever happens next with ShelfAware—the industry’s only COVID-compliant vendor managed inventory (VMI) platform.

Gone are the days of suppliers coming and going as they please. When the government mandates masks and social distancing due to fresh outbreaks of COVID-19, factories begin to lock down their entrances in an effort to control who has access and when. It’s a logical step. Companies want to keep their employees safe and their operations running.

A sophisticated, affordable, easy-to-use inventory management system like ShelfAware is the perfect way to put eyes on your inventory 24/7 without having multiple suppliers enter your facility.

Hands-Free Digital VMI Powers Efficient Supply Chain Management

ShelfAware can help make managing your inventory simpler, safer, and more efficient.

Physical vending machines have been around for decades. While they are traditionally used to grab a quick soda and candy bar, you can also find them in many manufacturing facilities with items like masks, gloves, tools, and other supplies that factory workers may need. They work just fine, until they don’t.

The ability to track inventory at scale in real time has never been more critical to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and end users. However, many companies continue to rely on outdated manual processes that are too expensive, require too much manpower, do not produce enough consumption data, and are error-prone.

Huge technological advancements have been made in the past several decades. Inventory management is one of the ways suppliers and consumers can benefit from updated technology. ShelfAware is one of the newest advancements in the areas of vendor relations and inventory management. Inventory shelves are transformed into a virtual vending machine with smart packaging that allows inventory to be replenished in real-time.

ShelfAware equips industrial suppliers with RFID smart labels that turn complex supply chains into virtual vending machines. This robust digital VMI system is a supply chain automation platform that equips business-to-business suppliers with a next generation supply chain solution for consumers of physical inventory goods.

With ShelfAware, a virtual vending machine that is supplier agnostic is created—if you like your current supplier you can keep them. The platform is flexible enough to work on any product—if you can stick a label to it, it can be tracked. The RFID-powered magical user interface is championed by users and creates granular, accurate consumption data.

COVID Precautions May Limit Supply Chains Without a Digital VMI Platform

You can check your temperature, wear PPE, walk through scanners, take off your shoes and send them through an X-ray machine. But even with every precaution in place, the traditional way of managing inventory still requires employees, contractors, and vendors to place their hands on the products.

ShelfAware deploys an RFID checkout station on behalf of the supplier at the consumer facility. RFID technology provides a magical user interface that is capable of tracking the consumption of thousands of inventory packages in seconds. This inventory consumption data is leveraged by the ShelfAware web-based application to automate replenishment, ensure lean inventory quantities, and guarantee no stockouts.

ShelfAware makes it possible to keep track of inventory without any contact whatsoever. It provides remote inventory management efficiency from a safe distance. To get your hands on the best hands-off inventory management system, learn more with a FREE demo.

Check out these videos to learn more about ShelfAware’s COVID-compliant VMI platform.

How To Get Started With a Supply Chain Automation?

Implementing ShelfAware’s robust platform is often complex but does not need to be slow. It begins with a group conversation involving a mix of finance, operations and IT professionals. A site audit (often multiple sites) is usually required before a proposal can be made.

Final proposals usually involve a formal stocking agreement, installation fee, and a product pricing quote. Onboarding consumers varies widely, but the minimum time required to convert a supply chain in most markets is about three months.

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Too good to be true?  ShelfAware is redefining the vendor-managed inventory industry. For this reason, we’re happy to talk to you about how our intelligent inventory platform can benefit your business. Contact us today for more information.

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