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Top Manufacturing Industry Trends 2024

Top manufacturing industry trends 2024

Manufacturers who want to tackle industry challenges and stay competitive in 2024 should embrace digital transformation and focus on how to address obstacles like labor shortages and supply chain complexities. In 2024, the manufacturing industry is expected to face economic uncertainty, the ongoing shortage of skilled labor, and serious supply chain disruptions. On top of […]

Digital VMI Defined: Traditional vs. Modern Solutions

With ShelfAware, suppliers and consumers can make more money with less worries and eliminate stockouts with an easy-to-manage, cloud-based digital vender management inventory system.

An empty shelf negatively impacts business, sending customers directly to the competition. The traditional system of inventory management worked for a while, but leveraging automation and the Internet of Things is changing the way suppliers and consumers manage complex supply chains. Today’s industrial suppliers and consumers want real-time visibility and granular consumption data to make […]

Top 5 Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

From geopolitical conflicts to single sourcing to labor shortages, every organization is vulnerable to supply chain disruptors. However, understanding the leading disruptors can protect manufacturers from supply chain threats and help to keep operations working like they should. Every organization should take a proactive approach to supply chain disruption and have strategies in place to […]