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Top 5 Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

Supply Chain Disruptors for 2024

From geopolitical conflicts to single sourcing to labor shortages, every organization is vulnerable to supply chain disruptors. However, understanding the leading disruptors can protect manufacturers from supply chain threats and help to keep operations working like they should. Every organization should take a proactive approach to supply chain disruption and have strategies in place to […]

Top 10 Supply Chain Management Tips for 2024

Supply Chain Top 10 Tips

Mitigating risks and overcoming challenges in complex supply chains is on the minds of most manufacturers and suppliers, especially as we prepare for a new year of business. Companies are making plans to enter 2024 with a strategy to keep their inventory shelves lean, while also minimizing the possibility of stockouts. Effectively managing complex manufacturing […]

CloudSourcing™: The New Industrial Buying Group

For decades, independent industrial distributors have collaborated to create buying groups, which allow them to negotiate better prices, set up training programs, improve their bottom lines, grow, and manage supply chains. With the onset of CloudSourcingTM, the process becomes even more simplified, more efficient, and more robust. Historically in the industrial world, independent distributors and […]

Supply Chain Management for Contractors

Supply Chain Automation for Contractors

Contractors can keep eyes on their inventory 24/7 with accurate, granular consumption data in real time by using a robust digital vendor managed inventory (VMI) platform. Using automation, they can work with several independent suppliers, building a better supply base than working with a single distributor of multiple products. Pushing the data to the consumer […]

How Collaboration and Digital VMI Automation Improve Manufacturing Uptime

Industrial Machinery Digest Digital VMI

Manufacturers are discovering ways to incrementally adopt technology. By creating more automated and robust supply chains that work more closely with the suppliers that are independent and specialized, a focus is placed on the product verticals needed to keep a manufacturing facility running. Inventory automation using a robust digital VMI platform is a big win […]

Key Advantages of ShelfAware’s Supply Chain Solution—More FAQs

disadvantages of physical vending machines

The ShelfAware supply chain solution utilizes a magical user interface that tracks the consumption of thousands of inventory packages in seconds. That data is leveraged by the ShelfAware web-based application to automate replenishment, ensure lean inventory quantities, and guarantee no stockouts. Learn more from the answers to a few frequently asked questions. ShelfAware saves time […]

How Small Innovations Lead to Big Disruption

Through the use of collaborative innovations like ShelfAware’s CloudSourcingTM, small businesses are quickly becoming the new “Big Business” in industrial manufacturing. CloudSourcing empowers collaboration among multiple independent and specialized product vertical suppliers. It empowers all suppliers to work together with a single consumer on ShelfAware’s unified supply chain platform. Learn about how ShelfAware changed the […]

What is ShelfAware and How Does it Work? Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShelfAware and How Does it Work? Frequently Asked Questions

ShelfAware equips industrial suppliers with RFID smart labels for inventory management that turns complex supply chains into virtual vending machines. This robust digital vendor managed inventory (VMI) system is a supply chain automation platform that equips business-to-business suppliers with a next generation supply chain solution for consumers of physical inventory goods. Does your company manage […]

3 Must-Have Features of Effective Digital VMI

3 Must-Have Features of Effective Digital VMI

If you are looking for the perfect automated solution to effectively manage your industrial supply chain, a digital vendor managed inventory (VMI) system is the right fit as long as it provides accurate and granular consumption data, has a magical user interface, and is affordable and easy to use. Industrial supply chain challenges have forced […]

How Collaborative Cloud Sourcing™ Propels the Future of Industrial Supply Chain

How Collaborative Cloud Sourcing™ Propels the Future of Industrial Supply Chain

Thanks to its unique use of Cloud SourcingTM, ShelfAware is a great fit for any business trying to remotely manage a complex physical inventory. ShelfAware was designed to automate industrial wholesale supply chains and provide a platform for independent industrial suppliers to collaborate and collectively supply the industry’s largest consumers on an automated omnichannel. ShelfAware […]