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ShelfAware for Industrial Suppliers

Industrial Suppliers

A Data-Driven Intelligent Vendor
Managed Inventory Platform

By combining RFID technology and the power of the internet, ShelfAware is answering the question that suppliers have been asking their customers for decades with no answer, “when do you consume what?”

ShelfAware for Industrial Suppliers

  • Increased customer acquisition

  • Improved customer retention

  • Growth within your existing accounts

ShelfAware offers game-changing solutions that will allow you to scale your business without increasing your overhead. Give your customers real-time service, anticipate their needs, and never let them down again.

How it Works

It’s as simple as print, place, and ship.

Printed at the time of shipping ShelfAware’s intelligent RFID labels are placed on your customer’s packages, sent to their facility where they transmit data back to your organization giving you real-time visibility on your customer’s inventory usage.

  • Install an RFID Printer

    ShelfAware staff will install a Zebra ZT410 inside your shipping department. It takes just minutes.

  • Generate shipping documents

    Shelfware will provide the supplier with the data files allowing the supplier to create the business documents required to ship the product, like sales orders, pick tickets, and packing lists.

  • Print product labels

    ShelfAware’s real-time inventory database will generate intelligent shipping labels, encoding an embedded RFID chip as the labels print your customer’s readable label data. These labels can be applied to almost any packaging type.

  • Place RFID label

    The supplier places the label with RFID technology on the product packaging before dispatching the order. The supplier’s shipping staff will be instructed on best practices for proper label placement.

  • Ship

    Supplier ships to the manufacturer via your preferred carrier and delivery method. The courier can even bin the parts for your customer.

Benefits of ShelfAware

Automate Your Operations

Real-time inventory management

  • Inventory data visualization

    The accurate consumption data collected by the ShelfAware system can be used in a number of ways to automate processes inside the supplier’s organization. With ShelfAware, processes such as sales order entry, order scheduling, sales order maintenance and line item expedites are a thing of the past.
  • Quick & accurate inventory audits

    ShelfAware’s inventory audits can be performed in a fraction of the time with an RFID handheld scanner and any smartphone. ShelfAware’s intelligent inventory labels can be quickly scanned to reconcile the onhand inventory quantities against the inventory database.
  • No more lost parts

    Using an RFID handheld scanner and any smartphone, users can physically locate missing inventory items by “pinging” the lost RFID intelligent inventory. Simply follow a series of visual and audio cues to track down the lost inventory.
  • No Clipboards, No Trucks

    ShelfAware remotely collects your customers’ inventory metrics which removes the need for expensive manual monitoring of a customer’s inventory. Shelfaware replaces traditional methods like clipboards, barcode scanners, onsight labor, and perpetual inventory counts.
  • Real-time inventory supply

    Guarantee your customers the leanest, most accurate inventory with the real-time inventory visibility. Right size each item, match it to your customer’s consumption and insure your inventory pipeline is properly stocked, reducing your bad stock liability.
  • Save time & money

    ShelfAware uses the inventory consumption data it captures from your customers to automate sales order entry and/or drive supply chain decisions directly to your buyers. ShelfAware’s accurate, efficiently collected data will save your organization time and money every day.