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An Intelligent Data Driven Inventory Platform

Manufacturers & Inventory Consumers

Goodbye Expensive Vendor Managed Inventory
Hello Intelligent Data Driven Inventory

Automate your entire supply chain with confidence and guaranteed savings by utilizing ShelfAware’s data-driven, collaborative supply chain platform.

ShelfAware for Data Driven Inventory

  • Lean inventory

  • No stock-outs

  • Save money & time

Take your best vendors to the next level of service, real-time service, that anticipates your needs with unprecedented levels of visibility and transparency, ensuring lean inventory and no stock-outs across thousands of items.

How It Works

It’s as simple as pick, scan and go.

Keep your operations running at all times.

  • Automatic Inventory Check In

    The inventory will be automatically checked in to the ShelfAware system and the manufacturer can perform a mass receipt of the items if they need to enter it into their ERP. Data files to automate the ERP receiving process can be provided.

  • Bin the product

    An employee at the manufacturing facility, or a carrier representative, bins the parts.

  • Pick & Scan

    When an employee needs to use product, they grab a bag from a bin. The employee then scans the product on the check out table. Multiple bags can be scanned out instantly.

  • Return to the floor

    Once the light turns from green to blue the scan is successful and the inventory system is automatically updated. The employee can return to the manufacturing floor.

  • Restock when you need it

    The inventory will be replenished on any items that fall below the established shelf quantity recommended by ShelfAware. ShelfAware is designed to stay in line with the manufacturer’s usage.

  • Save employee time

    Your purchasing manager will be freed from the day-to-day scramble, manually replenishing 1000’s of complicated sku’s. Your staff can focus on bigger problems because ShelfAware automates and virtually eliminates purchase order entry and purchase order maintenance.
  • Lean Inventory

    ShelfAware’s data analytics right-size each and every inventory SKU matching your inventory levels to your consumption. Your lean inventory lives and breaths, flexing with your business cycles to ensure lean inventory, yet preventing stockouts.
  • No stock outs, no expedits

    Nothing beats real-time data. With ShelfAware monitoring your inventory in real-time you can have confidence that the right parts are there when you need them. No more production delays or costly expedites.
  • Inventory quantities & visibility

    Leveraging the power of patented RFID technology, ShelfAware efficiently and effectively monitors 1000s of SKUs across multiple product verticals. This data is visible to both product supplier and you, the consumer, for an unprecedented level of visibility.
  • No more inventory audits

    Using the ShelfAware handheld scanner and companion app ShelfAware suppliers can perform physical inventory audits in minutes or hours, eliminating the need for consumers to conduct traditional, labor-intensive inventory audits.
  • Simple, flexible hardware platform

    The patented ShelfAware Smart Station is easy to deploy, requires minimal footprint and is flexible enough to integrate into any manufacturing facility. The Smart Station hardware has proven over time to be extremely reliable, ensuring near 100% uptime while operating 24/7, 365.