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About ShelfAware

Homegrown Innovators

At ShelfAware, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in industrial supply chains.



At ShelfAware, we’re a team of homegrown innovators who realized that cool isn’t always practical for your business.

ShelfAware was born inside an industrial distribution company. This humble birthplace gave us the unique, real-world innovation perspective needed for a quick start. We understood the problem and lived in the environment that the solution would need to work in. We were tired of guessing, so we designed a simple system, that our customers would champion to answer the question, “when do you need it?”.

Through a series of incremental innovations, we deployed our trial system inside our own customer base and eventually scaled the model to allow other industrial distributors to contribute their product verticals to the platform. Today we are pursuing a crowd-based, data-driven, supply chain model.


A New Era of Supply Chains

For decades, supply chains have struggled to capture good consumption data. Our mission at ShelfAware is to make an effective, accurate, and efficient data-driven supply chain platform that even the smallest manufacturers can afford to implement. Today we provide data-driven solutions to manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes. Making almost any supply chain intelligent, constantly pursuing the future of supply chain management.

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What We Believe

What Drives Us

At ShelfAware, we come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in industrial supply chains. Supply chain managers don’t know which items to stock, how many to stock, or how many to buy. Suppliers are left guessing, relying on sales people and purchasing agents to fill gaps in the data and then ultimately when the item stocks out the suppliers are to blame.